How to Build Your Wedding Day Kit

You have probably heard people talk about wedding day emergency kits or wedding day getting ready kits. As experienced wedding planners, we have prepared many wedding day kits! When planning a wedding, we have an emergency kit that we bring with us. However, if you don’t have a planner, check out our full list so you know how to build your wedding day getting ready kit!

Here’s our essentials for your wedding day ready kit:


  • Portable phone chargers– There may not always be a close outlet and you (or your friends) likely want to have your phone nearby to capture all the fun of the day! Without fail, someone needs a charger at every wedding and portable phone chargers makes it easy.
  • Handheld steamer– Even if you steam dresses ahead of time, they can get some wrinkles when transporting them. This handheld steamer is lightweight, but perfect for getting out those last minute wrinkles.
  • Individual Kleenex packs– Trust us, there will be some happy tears!


  • Sunscreen– This is a great option because it doesn’t leave residue for photos.
  • Baby wipes– Perfect for cleaning hands, freshening armpits, or wiping up a quick spill. These are the best!
  • Listerine pocket paks– Quickly freshen your breath without worrying about chomping gum in photos!
  • Kenra travel hairspray– One of our favorites and we love this brand!
  • Makeup remover wipes– These are individually wrapped and easy to pass out to your wedding party or even guests!
  • Bobby pins– No matter how many bobby pins you start out with, trust us, you will need more!
  • Oil absorbing blotting paper– Keeps your face fresh for photos later in the day.
  • Body glide– Your best friend in any hot weather, we promise.
  • Travel size deodorant– Keep a couple travel size ones so you can give them to anyone who needs them – since they’re small, you don’t have to worry about getting them back.


  • Corsage pins– Having two pins for boutonnieres is so much easier! Sometimes the florist only provides one, so having extras is so helpful.
  • Sewing kit– Always good to have, just in case!
  • Shout wipes– These get out stains quick and easy. Plus, they work much better than Tide To Go pens.
  • Lint roller– You may have your pet as part of your wedding…if so, you’ll definitely want a lint roller!
  • Double sided fashion tape– No wardrobe malfunctions here!
  • Boob tape and nipple covers– Dresses are often made without thinking of wearing a regular bra. Problem solved.
  • Crochet hook– A classic trick from wedding plannings. Essential for looping buttons or wedding dress bustles.
  • Safety pins– An absolute necessity. Safety pins are used at literally. every. single. wedding.

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The Medicine Cabinet

  • Nuun hydration tablets– No one wants to be dehydrated!
  • Pepto Bismol chewables– Wedding days often include nerves and out of routine eating habits – have these on hand to keep your tummy in check.
  • Insect repellant wipes– If any part of your day is outside, you’ll want to avoid bugs/bug bites. These wipes help protect you without the risk of an aerosol spray getting on your outfit.
  • Hand sanitizer spray– If 2020 taught us anything, having multiple hand sanitizers is the way to go!
  • Advil pocket pack– No one wants a headache to ruin the day, we pass out Advil all the time.
  • Eye drops– Dry eyes be gone!
  • Cough drops– Allergies, too much happy yelling, losing your voice before toasts – have cough drops on hand to help someone out!
  • Tampons– IYKYK

Now you know how to build your wedding day kit, you may be thinking you need some help building your timeline. We have a resource for that! Check out our timeline worksheet that is a comprehensive guide to building the perfect wedding day timeline.

For full disclosure, we do earn a small commission if you purchase using these links. We appreciate the opportunity to help you build your wedding day getting ready kit!

Claire + Jon’s Wedding Vendors

Planning: Ponderosa Planning
Venue and Bar: Lake Creek Lodge
Photographer: Victoria Carlson Photo
Florist: The Posie Shoppe
Dessert: Crumb Cakery
Caterer: Bowtie Catering
Bathroom Rental: Sitting Pretty Potties
Lighting: Illuminate Your Night
DJ: Dustin Riley Events
Rentals: Central Event Rentals | Curated Event Rentals
Hair + Makeup: Kate Tuma

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