How to do your Bar on a Budget

Bar bills for weddings can add up quickly! As experienced wedding planners, we know it can be a significant expense, but we have some tips for how to do your bar on a budget. Read through all the ideas below and choose what options make the most sense for you. We promise, all your guests will still have an incredible time and plenty of drinks to keep the party going without breaking the bank!

Choose a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol

Having a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol typically results in a huge cost savings! If the caterer or venue requires you to use their bar package, it can be quite a bit more expensive. Being able to bring your own gives you the option to have exactly what you’d like at the price you buy it at from the store.

Have signature drinks instead of a full bar

Consider having a signature drink or two instead of a full bar. This way there are still some mixed drink options without providing multiple different kinds of liquor. Stick to the signature drinks along with beer and wine to save on purchasing lots of liquor.

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Consider having a keg for beer

Having a keg is generally much cheaper than purchasing cans or bottles. This may mean you have fewer choices since it’s a larger quantity, but it will help keep costs down. Plus your friends will feel like they’re back in college!

Stick to beer, wine, and seltzers

Think about forgoing mixed drinks all together. These days, there are tons of seltzer options to mix in with beer and wine, so there really is something for everyone! Get your favorite drinks in bulk and have them iced down and ready to go for your guests. An extra bonus with this is that you don’t need a bartender. Simply have the drinks in coolers or an accessible place for guests to grab one when they’re thirsty.

Choose 2-3 liquor options instead of 5-6

If you want to have some liquor, but still want to save a bit, consider having fewer options. You don’t need to have every single option available. You can keep it simple with a vodka and whiskey. Guests will still have plenty of choices and this helps keep the cost down, while still having a variety of selections at the bar.

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Hilary and Tommy’s Wedding Vendors

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Photographer: Ely Roberts Photography
Florist: Flowers by Eryn
Catering and Bar: Bleu Bite Catering
Rentals: Curated Event Rentals and Wood N Wedding
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Dress: Bespoke Bride
Cake: Treeline Baking Co.
Dessert: Bonta Gelato

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