How to be Your Vendors’ Favorite Client

Of course weddings are about the couple, their family and friends, but there are lots of wedding vendors behind the scenes to help it all come together! Ever wonder how to be your vendors’ favorite client? As professional wedding planners, we’ve know and work with lots of vendors, so we know the way to their hearts!

Have a Realistic Timeline

Have a realistic timeline to set them up for success. This includes having clear communication and set expectations discussed PRIOR to the wedding day. Be sure to confirm delivery times, arrival/departure times, and review your contracts to know what each vendor is responsible for. If you think your photographer is scheduled for 10 hours when they are really only contracted for eight hours, that’s a big difference! You’ll want to have a handle on all of this before the wedding day so you don’t have to think about it on the big day.

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Provide a Vendor Meal

For vendors who will be at the wedding all day, it is appropriate to provide a meal for them. Some vendors have specifics about this in their contract, so be sure to check. If it seems odd to provide a meal for the vendors working for you, just consider they will be there all day and there usually isn’t a chance for them to leave and get a hot meal!

Additionally, be sure to check with your vendors if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Generally most caterers, restaurants, food trucks, etc. can accommodate this. However, they need to know ahead of time to be able to handle any special requests.

Also, have a designated space for vendors to eat. They are on their feet for 12+ hours on your wedding day and a quick 30 minute meal (30 minutes if they’re lucky!) to sit down is usually the only break in the day. Trust us, they will be so grateful for this!

Say “Thank You”

This may seem obvious, but people love being appreciated! Being part of people’s most important days is a huge honor as well as a lot of responsibility. Wedding days are always busy (for vendors, couples, and guests!) so taking a moment to simply say thank you goes a long way!

Writing a review to say thank you is another way to express your gratitude as well! Reviews are a huge part of small businesses and help more than you may realize.

Now that you have some tips on how to be your vendors’ favorite client, be sure to consider gratuity for your vendors as well. Check out our free guide on how to tip your wedding vendors to get all your questions answered on tipping your wedding vendors: who, when, and how much!

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