Do I Really Need a Wedding Coordinator?

If you’ve started wedding planning you might be wondering, “do I really need a wedding coordinator?” For many people this is an automatic yes, but for others a professional planner just isn’t in the budget. To determine if this is in your budget, you may also be wondering “how much does a wedding coordinator cost?” There are different levels of wedding planning, but it can range anywhere from $2,000 up to $5,000+ on average. Full service wedding planning is even higher.

As professional wedding planners we absolutely see the value in hiring a planner, however we also feel that it’s incredibly important for all couples to have accessibility to step by step wedding planning, regardless of their budget. If you decide foregoing a wedding planner is the right decision for you and your partner, review the below tips to help keep the planning stress-free, organized, and fun!

Designate a Day of Contact

This person is the go-to on the wedding day. It’s important to have someone designated for tasks to keep the day organized and running smoothly. You can designate the Day of Contact to help with tasks such as:

  • Set up place cards
  • Set out table numbers according to layout
  • Set up decor
  • Bring items home from the wedding like alcohol or flowers

You can definitely have additional helpers, but having one person as the day of contact keeps one person as the point of contact and helps keep everything seamless.

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People always want to help at weddings, but sometimes it feels challenging to organize this. Thinking about this ahead of time, you can have additional friends/family members that want to help as VIPs. They are in addition to the day of contact and you can delegate tasks such as:

  • Bring champagne, water, and snacks for getting ready
  • Pick up and deliver lunch to wedding party
  • Take behind the scenes photos or video
  • Helping with kids or pets
  • Prep guest favors
  • Distribute welcome bags

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People are generally willing and wanting to help make your day amazing! The key is to have this all outlined and directed ahead of time.

Understand Vendor Responsibilities

Whether or not you have a wedding coordinator, you will have other hired vendors such as a photographer or DJ. By understanding what they are responsible for, you can determine what else needs to be done and assign those tasks to the day of contact or VIPs. 

This free vendor follow up guide will walk you through everything you need to know from your vendors as you design your details. It also includes questions and action items for each of your vendors to be sure you (and they) understand who is responsible for each task.

If you’ve thought “Do I really need a wedding coordinator?” or “How much does a wedding coordinator cost?” but are also:

  • Excited to plan your own wedding but don’t know where to start?
  • Wanting to invest wisely in your day but don’t have the budget for a planner?
  • Googling left and right but just not getting the help you need?

Then the Design Your Wedding digital course is for you! It’s all the perks of a professional wedding planner, but with you in the driver’s seat.

Kellie and John’s Wedding Vendors

Coordinator: Ponderosa Planning
Photographer: Natalie Puls Photography
Florist: Wild Poppy Florist
Venue: Rock Springs Ranch
Catering & Bar: Bowtie Catering
Rentals: Curated Event Rentals
Hair: K&Co Bridal Hair
Dress: Bespoke Bride
Dessert: Bonta Gelato
Cutting Cake: Crumb Cakery

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